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Masterbatch from Brachttal Hessen



Current situation regarding COVID-19

Brachttal 20.03.2020

Don't panic! Despite the current corona crisis. 
is still fully capable of production and delivery.

We are constantly optimising the flow of goods to our plant and endeavour to build up additional safety stocks of critical raw materials. We actively manage our supply chain to control the flow of primary materials and deliveries to our customers.

Cooperation with Main Kinzig Post

Brachttal 31.01.2020

Speed that connects

To ensure that the best product solutions are not long in coming, KS Keycolor has joined forces with Main Kinzig Post to deliver products to customers even faster.

"Delivery reliability and speed, that's what counts. It is simply important to us that the product reaches the customer quickly. In today's world, you simply have to be fast, so there is no better partner for us than Main Kinzig Post," says Arne Steilmann, CEO of KS Keycolor GmbH.

KS Keycolor GmbH - Brachttal Hessen