KEY - BIO Masterbatch „organic not fossil“

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It is time to give something back to nature!

We, the KS Keycolor, develop a sustainable masterbatch, which complies with the DIN 13432 standard.


Our BIO masterbatch carrier is:

Certified by independent testing institutes according to international standards.

Safe - Ecologically tested and toxicologically safe.


Is compatible with:


  • LIGNIN (e.g. from wood)

  • PHAs (e.g. from glucose)

  • STRENGTH (e.g. from potatoes)

  • Cellulose (e.g. from wood)

  • PLA - Polylactic acid (e.g. from corn)


Our promise to nature:

  • Climate friendly

  • bpa-free (free of harmful substances)

  • Compostable ( DIN EN13432 )

These are just a few keywords that can be associated with our Biomasterbatch. Thus, they are 100% integrated into the "natural-ecological" cycle of nature.