is our convincing argument!

FROM STANDARD TO SPECIAL, was our thinking when we started the KS Keycolor in 2018. For us it was clear to optimize the processes to avoid long delivery and development times. In the end, we succeeded and are able to maintain our position in the market despite strong competition.

KS Keycolor Masterbatch V2.jpg

Arne Steilmann


KS Keycolor GmbH

We're really fast! After the first colour developments, the KS Keycolor were able to assert themselves on the market in a very short time. The complete polyolefin range as well as all technical plastics are covered by KS Keycolor.

Our optimized processes as well as our service have been developed especially for the needs of our customers.
This enables precise colour developments and a quick implementation of your wishes. Customer-specific requirements and processes are transferred to the individual development work and standardized in our company. The resulting tailor made customer cooperation differs us from the rest of the market by allowing you to continuously bring in your own mark. All this is independent of the order quantity. We write the "small customer" BIG!